Debating the Divine

This is the title of a two piece commentary in this weekends “Australian’ newspaper. One author – Catholic Archbishop of Canberra, Mark Coleridge. The other – Editor of Quadrant magazine and atheist PP McGuiness. They were commenting on Richard Dawkin’s new book, “The God Delusion”. I was edified by both of these commentaries particularly because they both pinpointed the primary psychological cause of conflict in human society – ideology. For Mark Coleridge religious fundamentalism is religion decayed by ideology, while PP McGuiness pointed out the role of 20th Century non-religious ideologies in crimes against humanity. They both raised the spectre of the evil of both ‘religious’ and ‘scientific’ ideologues. I am very glad they have written the articles they have, as it gives me hope that there are leading thinkers from Theist and Atheist viewpoints who can help human society work towards peaceful outcomes. More at the “What I Believe page”


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