Aboriginal Deaths in Custody continue with Police Union support

I am normally reluctant to speak about political issues in case I am misunderstood to be a supporter of a political party instead of just a saddened, angry, frustrated citizen. Three years ago a man was killed as he was taken into custody for drunken singing in a public street. The police union tried everything in their power to have the death swept under the carpet. As a voter, I deeply resent their machinations. When they didn’t get their way and were forced by the judicial system to shut up or be in contempt, they made sure that their police members did what they would advise no other citizen to do – be uncooperative with the justice system. Yet still the alleged perpetrator went to court. And in court, under obviously heavily coached presentation, that alleged perpetrator, the only alive witness to the incident, explained how he accidently may have killed the man he was taking to custody. For that explanation and the fact that the only other witness was dead, the jury took the only possible legal decision – to release the alleged perpetrator. I suspect this particular policeman is no longer a danger to the community. However, his release has only taught criminally-minded policemen/women another technique for getting around the law in regard to perpetrating injury or death on people in custody. So, today, I do not think we should feel safer in our communities. On the same day I feel we are greater danger of assault by police officers, the Qld police union bring out advertisements claiming they are like Martin Luther King. Then they claim that the premier of this state is like Robert Mugabe. What small minds. Do they think they can act like churlish children and claim the mantle of a great human rights worker. If they put their lives on the line for aboriginal people in this state, instead of beating them, then they might come within cooeee of MLK. And are their minds and experiences so narrow and small that they believe an ordinary business like premier (not withstanding what political power he brings to bear under the law) is like some great tyrant, a great mass murderer. No by their actions, the Qld police union support that they should run the political, policing and judiciary processes of this state. Such a process would definitely be a police state. And am I feeling more secure tonight? No. No. No.


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