Thin edge of an Hitleresque wedge?

Out of the last great depression, the cry from one ascendant politician was that he could reverse the economic down spiral if only the nation could get rid of the people who were behind all their troubles. The politician was Adolf Hitler. The scapegoats were the Jews. The people of that nation and many others around the world including many leaders of the ‘free’ world, were only too happy to turn a blind eye to this point of view.  What did we learn?  We learnt that if a government places the economy before the community, then life becomes miserable, terrible, distressful, dangerous, destructive, and soulless. We learnt that such a nation has truly sold its soul, and is a place of the dead, not of the living. At the point which a government starts to strangle its body politic with draconian laws designed to protect it from evil people, is the point at which a government has moved from being a government of the living to a government of the dead. A government that tries to shore up its influence by adding to the legal system like a hangman might tighten a noose, rather than defining the principles for the inactment of justice, is a government of the tortured, the fearful, the anxious, the suicidal, the buried.


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