A muslim friend who is fully active in his local community, believes his phone has a tap. Why would he think of it?

What causes paranoia to rise, and what end does it have? It rises from a sense of mistrust.  A criminal act is committed by some people from a particular group. A government becomes paranoid and shows it now doesn’t trust anyone from that group. The members of the group begins to believe the government has targeted them for surveillance and detention over the least thing. The group begins to become secret to avoid the object of its paranoia. The secrecy builds anxiety in the minds of the group’s youth. The anxiety becomes frustration. The frustration becomes anger. The anger desires retribution for something that has never happened to that person. The desire misleads the youth to strangers with malicious intent. The strangers lead the youth to criminal acts.

Government must be welcoming of all the people of the world. The application of justice ensures that criminals are prohibited from harming any of the other people of the world. Harming trustworthy people in an attempt to prohibit harming trustworthy people is ….. well you get the point I’m sure.


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