Failing to attain victory upon the living; battle the dead

A while ago some fanatics took to destroying the Baha’i cemetery in Yazd, Iran. Here I paraphrase a response to this act.

Thus, riding upon their bulldozers, they directed their attack towards the Baha’i Cemetery in Yazd. Like onto victorious warriors and brave soldiers, they charged upon the battlefield to fight the dead, so that perchance they may hear the cries of those resting in peace. They must have returned to their homes filled with pride and glory and announced to their families news of their victory! They must have announced as to how none amongst the inhabitants of the cemetery showed anyresistance; and how they annihilated successfully all those residing there and demolished their homes.

Who will they turn against after the dead – I wonder? I recall a learned man saying that “Some imagine that Faith consists of an edifice; and they destroy the edifice thinking that they have also abolished Faith. Some imagine that Faith consists of a book; and they burn the book or turn its pages into some other use thinking that they have destroyed Faith. Some imagine that Faith consists of people; and so they capture the people, kill them and turn them away from their homes thinking that they can annihilate Faith.”

Where is the learned man now to see that there are even those who imagine that Faith consists of a bunch of dead resting in a cemetery;
so they demolish the graves, desecrate the copses, break the tombstones, tear down the mortuary and leave in its place a deep hollow – thinking that by so doing they can wipe out Faith.”


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