Chaser at APEC

Well, after a week of suspense, chaser have aired their APEC motorcade escapade. The Australian Federal Police have to be grateful that it was an audacious ‘we’re here to be bounced’ gag. It wasn’t really very funny until the police failed to arrest the pretend ‘Osama BinLaden. Like all good social satire, the escapade fully pointed out the ridiculousness of the police actions: fences, black lists, beating up on verbal provocatuers. These actions didn’t actually have any outcome. And the one thing they failed to prevent – someone covertly entering the restricted zone through police checkpoints. So were the Police serious about anything more than an exhibit of power? It wouldn’t have stopped a serious attack. So why wasn’t there serious violence by protesters or any sign of terrorism. Could it be that other methods of engagement are working better? Could it be that the best methods against terrorism threats are the ones that were in place before Sept 11 2001. Given that the US agencies didn’t do the job they were capable of doing to prevent Sept 11 2001, isn’t it about time that anti-terrorism policing went back to an intelligence operation that prevents terrorism and encourages democratic freedoms. Or are we just going to sacrifice everything great about participatory society so that some people can carve out empires of police bureacracies and political hegemonies.


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