How many dimensions?

The mathematician assured me that there is a thing called a point. It can’t really be seen. It has zero dimensions. There are infinite in any length of line. But no, that dot you put on the paper with the pencil, that is not a point. That is not even a line or a plane. That is a volume because the graphite has width and depth.

There is a thing called a line. It also cannot really be seen because it only has one dimension. But be assured there are infinite in any surface. No that line you draw with your pencil is not a real line. It is also a volume. Just a bigger one than when you drew a dot.

The plane or surface also exists. Well you experienced it when you sat on your chair and leaned on the table. Your surface sat on the other surface. But, no it doesn’t really exist to pick it up. If you shave of the top of your table, you are shaving off a volume. There are infinite planes in a volume and you can’t even remove a single one to prove it.

The volume, though, you can know that. After all everything you can experience is a volume, a 3 dimensional thing. Your brain cells and nerve cells are a volume, and they are attached to a volume of your body, so you can experience other volumes.

And there are points and lines and planes in every piece of 3 D stuff that we experience.

Is there a 4 D creature somewhere saying 3d stuff? Can’t see it but it makes for a great backside.

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