Ahmadinejad meets Christian leaders in New York – Baha’is excluded

According to this story in the New York Times, Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held

a friendly, even warm, exchange yesterday with Christian leaders from the United States and Canada convinced that dialogue is the only way to prevent war.

The meeting on 26 September was organized by the Mennonites and the Quakers and took place in the Church Center for the United Nations. Questioners included a Quaker, a Catholic, an Anglican, a Baptist and a representative of the interfaith World Council of Churches. About 140 other religious leaders also attended, but no Jewish leader would agree to take part.

As the NYT reported:

“My heart was broken that there was so little support from other religions to be here,” said Mary Ellen McNish, general secretary of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group that helped sponsor the event. “If we don’t walk down this path of dialogue, we’re going to end up in conflagration.

However, one faith group couldn’t take part in the meeting. The Baha’is had been invited to the prior meetings, according to the NYT, but the Iranians had refused to attend if the Baha’is were there.


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