A Week of Pain

Last weekend I was looking for headwaters of a creek through rainforest that had become overgrown with ‘wait-a-while’ vine, when I stumbled and placed my hand on the trunk of a ‘stinging plant’. These nasty trifeds are covered with thorns with silicon hairs that pierce the skin and cause excruciating pain. I hit the plant with the tips of three fingers on my left hand and within ten minutes they were very swollen, there was pain radiating up to my chest, and my axilla lymph nodes were swollen.  I shortened my excursion but still took 1.5 hours  to get home. I waxed the area to get any exposed silicon hairs out. I thought I could put up with it but after another hour I rang my GP who got me down and hour later for a morphine shot. The morphine let me go to sleep for three hours but occassionally I would wake with a sting of pain in my fingers. The next morning the swelling was down and, with just some panadeine I could go to work which takes a lot of hand use. Now the fingers feel fine unless I put them under cold water and then the pain comes ferociously back.

So, tonight, I went to my weekly game of touch football with some other middle aged fellows. Half and hour into the game I pulled a calf muscle.

I am becoming paranoid about my mouse. There it sits, begging for use. I reach tentatively as visions of tendinitis drift through my mind.


One thought on “A Week of Pain

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