Totalitarianism dressed up as religion

More news of the destruction of humanity by the Iranian government. This totalitarian regime is everything that the prophets of God sacrificed their lives to rid the world. This government does represent the limitations of the big three religions of the book, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to support the vision of their founders. Perhaps the unbelievers who support this totalitarian regime understand that the followers of the Baha’i Faith have everything that they do not: the clear vision of the Manifestation of God to turn this world into a peaceful, spiritual and progressive society. So in their frustration they continue to assault the Baha’is of that country. Like simpletons who do not know the difference between silica and rare diamonds, they continue to throw their finest treasures away, while filling their palaces with common desert sand.  The news from Villashahr of Isfahan is saying that about 10 to 15 Bahai students in that area are kicked out from school, just because of their beliefs. Worse than that, in the same area, some strangers have bothered and made problems for the Baha’i girls. When their families asked the reason for these treatments, they were faced more shameless treatments and were beaten up by those people. On the other hand, in Shiraz, three Baha’i youth who were participating in some economic and social activities to help poor people and improve the society, are arrested and sentenced to stay in prison for four years. It is all against law and right now, after three days nobody knows where they are. In Shiraz, also about 8 Baha’i high school students are kicked out from their schools, too.

These unbelievers who perpetrate such acts against the law of God only show themselves up as vile creatures of the darkness. These cowards who attack the little children. These cowards whose very acts show that they have no knowledge of God and His laws, or of His prophet. These cowards who show by their acts that they have no useful place in the world, and that they know this. This cowards who are seeing that last vestiges of their power trickle from between their fingers as the onward march of the peacemakers grow stronger and stronger.

I pray for the strength of those children to grow in love and knowledge, regardless of the vileness perpetrated against them. The living are with them. The dead are already buried.


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