Phoenix Functions

Finally I have put together a business in educational productions for my local community. Phoenix Functions will ….. well check out the website. It will be a fairly conservative start with the inaugural event  on Friday night 28th March.  This first event is taking the opportunity of a presentation by Professor Barry Rowney architectural historian, ex of South Australia University where he taught heritage. Barry has also spent many years assisting archaeological digs in Syria and Egypt. His presentation will be about the Romans in Egypt with reference to the what architecture tells us about the society. The event will ask the question, “what does that mean for how we might want to build in the tropics of North Queensland?”

The presentation will be supported by Saeed Derakshan on the Oud and Santoor. Some youth dressed as old Roman youth will provide various jobs for the evening including assisting the audience participation parts. And Anubis will ‘virtually’ put in an appearance.


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