Israel Day six

We have a ‘free’ day from the organised pilgrimage. My wife has a nephew who is an agronomist doing volunteer work on the  gardens. He is a talented lad who speaks French (country tongue), Parsi (mother tongue), English(cousin tongue), and Spanish (holiday tongue).  He is also very cheerful. We decided to meet him and go for a walking tour of Akka. It surprised me that it really only took a couple of hours strolling and sightseeing to get around the old walled city. Many of the places we knew from Baha’i history but I was intrigued to see a ‘crusader’s tunnel’ – an escape tunnel from near the mediterranean sea wall to the inner town.

We had late lunch at a very crowded restaurant which we had gotten to through the Akka market. The market was so crowded that it was like being squeezed along for about 15 minutes.

As evening fell, we took a taxi over to Bahji to pray in the Shrine of Baha’u’llah. Many of the pilgrims took the opportunity to be there as well as there were late buses organised to get us back to Haifa.


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