Part 2 Abraham puts out the fire

Some of my friends mistook my previous blog as an expression of belief in a supernatural intervention. While I don’t deny that the uncanniness of the situation suggests more than meets the eye, the purpose of my comment was to challenge the honesty of extremists who terrorize communities.

We might argue about violence from an ‘in principal’ viewpoint in which all violence is bad. This argument fails as soon as we have to depend ourselves by projecting violence against an assailant.

A revolutionary might argue that they have a right to overthrow with violence. They might reckon that it doesn’t matter who gets hurt, but who gets the power.

The person of justice might argue that we protect all from exploitation, and that sometimes such protection requires violence.

Whatever model we decide to use, we provide conditions by which we abide by that use. These conditions that apply to the writers of law as well as the subjects of law, provide internal consistency to the law. Even tyrants might honestly reckon that there is a different law applying to themselves than to others. Yet so they would apply a different law. However, when the cowards called the Unknown Soldiers, challenged Baha’u’llah to perform the same spiritual signs as Abraham, and when they indicated what that sign would be, they committed before God to believe in Baha’u’llah when that sign came to pass. Now that the sign has come to pass, any vacillation on the part of the Unknown soldiers to pledge their allegiance to Baha’u’llah, is a validation that they are simply liars, cowards, and have completely and utterly abused their relationship with God. If they truly believe that Abraham performed said miracle, then they believe that it has been performed. If they believe that Muhammed truly received a message from Gabrielle telling of the miracles of Abraham, then they would believe that the miracle has been repeated. To deny the miracle, is to deny Muhammed, and Abraham. I do not judge them for their denial of Abraham and Muhammed for it is every seekers right to wander the streets of ignorance. But those who profess belief yet their behaviour proves disbelief, they are breakers of the covenant of God. They are the unrighteous, the ungodly. Their only hope is repentance and, until their repentance, they must be shunned by every righteous believer, for they are a cancer to humanity, eating the soul of whatever society they reside.

Of their actions, one can only hope that the police officers of that society, have the support to segregate such malignant forces from further harm to that society.


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