God, The Unknowable.

In the argument about the place of science in human culture, there is a point at which all arguments breakdown. That point in some ways is the point at which all science breaks down, at the ( place/moment) of the big bang. I bracket place/moment because we cannot ascribe any value to this event at all. The ability for human language, even mathematics to ascribe any value has also broken down. We can’t talk or think about this. So already we have entered the unknowable and all amount of logic cannot save us at this point.

There are other issues that could be raised. Previously I have written about the lack of evidence for the mathematical constructs of the point (zero dimensions is something that cannot be experienced by any human sense or extrapolation by implement yet exists to be understood perfectly by the human mind but is it a real thing because the human mind only understands real things or might the human mind have evolved to make logic about unreal things; is something that is unreal, non-existent, or do we mean something else?; how trustworthy then is our mind for we premise our survival and our glory upon its trustworthiness.); likewise the line (one d) cannot be experienced, nor the planes (2d). We believe we can experience 3d because we have collections of nerve cells that create experiences for us about it. We do not yet at all believe that there is a 4d let alone a one millionth d space, although a logical extrapolation would demand us to.

We don’t like the unknown, we humans. We do not like that, logically speaking we don’t exist at all, at least not as we think we do. We don’t like it that we cannot, logically speaking, rely upon our senses and its extrapolates for a full understanding of this (event)  we live within. We don’t like it at all that there is a logical horizon, beyond which logic itself breaks down. We really despair about this. We quiver at the voyage into the unknown an alternative view might instigate within us. Shall we go mad? or Shall we find more sanity and more future for humanity past our wildest expectations?

Baha’u’llah teaches that we do need the Great Educators of Humanity to guide us forward on this path. For indeed, insanity awaits the reckless, while a quagmire awaits the afraid. Only those few extraordinary souls who insinuate themselves, calmly but suredly, on human society, at periods of great deprivation, raising a call to draw our minds to the horizons,  battling with extraordinary sanity the forces of chaos around them  without loosing one thread of their vision, can be our guide. They who stand unafraid and in communication with the Unknown, and without one moment of recklessness but steadfast courage, they are our guides.

We should use the exciting aspiration of the scientific approach to maintain our minds on a steady course of cultural  progress within these 3 dimensions, expecting that our explorations will ever push back the closer horizons. But we will become callous beyond regard or despondent in existential loneliness, if we fail to develop the insight that ties us to the guidance of the Great Educators and their teachings, Who connect us to the Unknowable Essence.


One thought on “God, The Unknowable.

  1. At the point where things are viewed as breaking down, mind is,in fact, already encroached in the domain of the fathomless. Any idea that originates in there therefore might be incomprehensible or INSANITY already.

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