Ayatollah Montazeri Decrees Baha’is Rightful Citizens of Iran

From the heart of madness comes a courageous voice. While Baha’i school students are being regularly vilified by their teachers, refused entry to school, and the government policy is that Baha’is cannot achieve a university entry level highschool score, no matter how well they do at school, a fatwah has been issued by the Ayatollah Montazeri declaring that Baha’is in Iran deserve full citizenship rights. Here is a site talking about this fatwah. It has the whole of Iran on talkback radio. In his fatwah, Montazeri maintains his right to disagree with the Baha’i Faith, while claiming it is only justice to allow all Iranians full citizenship with the rights that come with such citizenship. I can only hope that this is a sign that Iran has the capacity to pull itself back from the brink of self-immolation.


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