Cape York Critters and Wild Country

Through Phoenix Functions, I have now taken on the job of co-ordinating an educational theatre production for the Australian Wilderness Society, to take into primary schools. The production is an exiting new direction for the The Wilderness Society, in an effort to greatly elevate the awareness of North Queenslanders to the magnificence of Cape York. Cape York is that large part of Australia on the north east of the map, that comes to a point. With a small grant from the Sunshine Foundation, we hope that we will have a trial run of the production before end of school year (December in Australia). The production will exhibit the Crocodile, Spotted Cuscus, Northern Quoll, Golden Shouldered parrot, the Palm Cockatoo, and several special environmental tracts across the Cape.


4 thoughts on “Cape York Critters and Wild Country

  1. I think the need to raise awarness about Cape York is important – But why with The Wilderness Sosiety. Cape York is an Aboriginal domain and The Wilderness Society are underminning Aboriginal process and Institutions. In my mind thier vission for Cape York, if realised, will be the biggest attack on Aboriginal Land Rights in decades. Maybe you can have a scene in the play of Wilderness Society activists stealing the land off the Traditional Owners – Just as they get it back after 200 years of dissposession.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I understand some factions of Aboriginal politics are embittered against the Wilderness Society. I also understand the The Wilderness Society consults routinely with at least some Aboriginal communities on Cape York. I am not directly involved in this or have detailed knowledge on the what, when, where. However, I do think that ABoriginal and non-Aboriginal people in North Queensland and throughout the world should have an interest in the best management of Wilderness that can be brought to bear. I have spoken to one Cape York community councilor who felt that they did not have a great deal of support into discussions about Cape York environment. The responsibility for establishing that support does not necessarily lie with The Wilderness Society, although I am sure their processes allow ready discussion wherever a community desires. The councilor I spoke to was much more concerned about the social issues that undermine the ability to develop male leadership in the community. I can only give a personal opinion on Aboriginal Land Rights, and it is that in the modern era such Rights are still an important aspect of improving the basic well-being of Aboriginal communities. However, because it is the modern era, and the implications are born by all, such rights do rely on subservience to national, even global rights. The negotiations should revolve around the degree to which the Rights demanded by Aboriginal community are applicable to a national framework, or sit a special case within such a framework. On a pragmantic point, I think a vastly increased management strategy for Cape York Wilderness could assist valuable human resource development among Aboriginal Communities, including local industry. I have long argued in Health Industry cirtcles that the development of sustainable industry in Aboriginal Communities is fundamental to the improvement of health status, what we know call, “Closing the Gap”.
    Nonetheless, back to th eeducationalprogram. The program is about the need to preserve the several wonderful environments in which much many parochial flora and fauna live. If there is something wrong with providing children with an awareness of the need to preserve these environments and the life, I have yet to hear it from any quarter.

  3. Thanks Palm, We are looking for a volunteer to play that part soon. So if you have a yearning for tropical sunshine please let me know. (Just a little joke of course, I realise you are perhaps in Deutsche.

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