No Bull

Tomorrow I am off to Yeppoon, on the coast from Rockhampton, Central Queensland, for the SARRAH conference. You can see more about SARRAH from the website or under my page on Rural Health. In short, SARRAH is about bringing allied health professionals from across Australian rural communities to problem solve the issues of their service to rural and remote communities. Now the is no such thing as an allied health professional. The name indicates a group of health professionals who generally work together to provide quality of life outcomes for people whose health or capacity has created some handicap. So the professionals who identify themselves as allied health are physiotherapsits, Occupational therapsits, psychologists, and some 9 or 10 other professions. Doctors and nurses usually don’t identify themselves as such although in another sense, ‘allied health’ professionals are allied to the work of those professions.

So allied health is about bringing together a somewhat diverse professional group and trying to answer the whole challenge of impairment, disability and handicap in rural and remote communities. Our conference themes, therefore tend to be about joining together in some way. It may however, seem a stretch that our 2008 conference is themed, “Many paddocks, One herd”. Unless you know something about Rockhampton and Central Qld. Yes, this is often thought of as the beef capital of Australia. Huge Brahman cows abound. So it’s a bit cheeky of us. But even in Australia, we can get carried away with the paddock we are in. And sometimes, even recently on a bank advertisment, made jokes that New Zealand is just another Australian cow paddock (or is that sheep?).


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