Victorian Government in Australia shows the thick edge of abortion legislation

Finally we reach the thick end of the wedge of a narcissistic atheist society – the putting to death of 24 week old human foetus by whim. From what can only be called ‘the madness’, ethicist (?) Julian Savulescu is reported in the Weekend Australian (p24, 6-7 Sept 2008) arguing for termination at full term. Well, termination at full term is definitely murder by any name. If a woman can choose to terminate at full term, why not one year post term? Savulescu argues that, if we don’t abort 24 week old foetus because we can technically keep them alive, what is the case if we can keep them alive from conception. Well, Savulescu, we can. It is called pregnancy.

Savulescu epitomises ‘the madness’ of a society that decides it has enough intelligence to do without God, without guidance. Such a society quickly slides into the ‘Brave New World’ scenarios where, instead of freedom, a slave society develops in which everyone is genetically engineered to give society a particular product, except, of course, the clever philosophers who can garner power to themselves to rule the others. And the woman become incubation facilities for the production of genetic elements. Such ‘madness’ is as like to deliver society into the hands of the superstitious who will be all to ready to spit on the grave of science.


2 thoughts on “Victorian Government in Australia shows the thick edge of abortion legislation

  1. Your right to say that people have used that argument for infanticide, up to one year old – often stating that abortions would be less because most people on seeing their baby born would not want the life ended.

    Often in the debate those factors that would help to reduce abortion – sex education, reducing poverty, empowering women – get lost in the pro life pro choice argument.

    While I may support reproductive issues being between a patient and her doctor, I would like to see less abortions. I just do not want them to happen in back alleys with unqualified quacks using coat hangers.

  2. The more troublesome issue is that these policy proposals are an indication of the failure of government and relativist secularists to nurture the society. Reduction of unwanted pregnancies includes the development of enthusiasm for child bearing and raising among men and women. Also the support for the mother and father from whatever situation their pregnancy. And the support of the child. It is becoming accepted thatour affluence hasn’t made a better life for all children. We are just wrong thinking in our modern society. I think abortion does have a place even in the best of worlds because the world is a place where uncontrollable things happen. We are not developing our resilience for uncontrollable things. Why do we feeel we have to control our live so much that we want abortion on demand. How lonely we must feel.

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