Walking Mount Bartle Frere

At long last I have walke dto the peak of Mt Bartle Frere. Less than an hour drive from my house to the start of the walk, Bartle Frere is the highest peak in the state of Queensland, Australia. I took my youngest son (16 year old) and met a group of friends at the car park. The organiser of our trip was training for the Kokoda trail in PNG, and then going on to the Himalayas.

My son, although a bit challenged by the 5:30 am start, had no trouble with the walk. The walk is rough, tree-root laced tracks with some reasonably steep gradient. Sometimes the track winds through boulders, and fallen timber. Once there was a need to jump across a boulder gap with a 15 foot drop. The walk is about 7.5 kilometers by 800 metres high from the Atherton Tableland side – already half way up. It took us 9 hours to do the round trip. We could have done it half an hour shorter but I had some knee pain (ITB irritation for the anatomically minded) that slowed me down a lot on the downhill. Luckily I took a walking pole in the form of a broom handle.

Here is my son with his head in the clouds.Yes, he doesn’t think it is funny either.

See more photos on my Flickr site.       

As it was the end o fSeptember, we saw two different species of Bower bird at mating time. One variety makes a blanket of leaves on the ground, all shiney side up to attract a mate. The other made a bower nest on the ground right in the walking trail. See photos of these at Flickr.


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