Technocrats run into crazy land again.

I have to totally agree with Terry Gorman of the Australian Council of Civil liberties that this technology is totally over the top. I will definitely stop flying, and dissuade members of my family from flying, if this technology become mandatory in Australian airports. So good for the carbon footprint I guess. Equal to ‘patting down’ says security. Well I went through five international airports last year and not one patting down that I could see.  This is also the most culturally and socially insensitive piece of work I have ever come across in Australia. I am totally embarrassed to be asscociated by nationality to the pratts that thought this one up. This is far worse than Henson’s photographs and the PM should kick heads on this one.

The story: “See-through scanners an ‘invasion of privacy. Civil liberty advocates say a new airport security scanner that can see through a passenger’s clothes “goes way too far” and invades peoples’ privacy.The hand luggage and body scanners will be tested on passengers at Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide airports on a voluntary basis, and was put on display at Melbourne airport  today.The head of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties, Terry O’Gorman, told ABC1’that the technology allows virtual strip searches.He says it has grossly overstepped the mark.”You have to ask yourself, ‘has the war against terrorism got to the stage where we, in effect, have to have our genitals shown, viewed by someone in another room, in the name of airport safety?'” he said.”We say this goes too far.”We say it skews the balance between proper security on the one hand and the maintenance of basic civil liberties, particularly bodily privacy, on the other.”


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