Australian Government should own the nations highways

It was a sad day the national telecommunications builder, Telstra, had its telecommunications highway privatized. When I lost ADSL connectivity recently, my telephone & isp took 7 days to find out from Telstra that they had a network outage. I found out from friends who used bigpond that there was an outage but they had their connectivity restored within a day. The failure of Telstra to inform providers of outages is giving them a vital advantage in the market place. Several people I spoke to about my problem said, “Why do you think I use Bigpond”. In otherwords, it is common perception that Telstra’s ownership of the telecommunications highways, leads them to act in ways that disadvantage the users of other service providers. My vote goes to the Government who buys back the telecommunications highways, for the benefi and equity of all Australians. The equity is important. The current government has promised to cover 98% of Australia’s population with broadband. While 2% doesn’t sound like much of a lack of coverage, 2% of the Australian population is the 600,000 people who live in the vast expanses of remote Australia. This 2% is the population who will most benefit from good broadband coverage. It is not sensible that we are not planning to roll out fibre optic cabling to all towns across the nation. Along with water and energy development, telecommunications bandwith infrastructure to all communities is a vital purpose for this nation. Governments should not have given the keys to the door of the henhouse to wolves, but now they have, they should chase out the wolves, take back the henhouse, and ensure the chickens have all the supports for good laying seasons.

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