Cape York Critters

Finally my project with The Wilderness Society came to fruition with the trial performance of “Cape York Critters and Wild Country” at the Edgehill Primary School, Cairns, on December 2nd 2008. It was a great day and the theatre and the participation from the students (9 and 10 year olds) was excellent. From the enthusiastic student feedback the message was well-received. The actors did a fabulous job, especially our key performances by Michael Chabior (on a working visa from Canada) and Emma Casey (JCU drama graduate). But also all of our smaller parts – the animals and Big T (threat) who devastated the environment in wonderful fashion. One of our volunteers has produced a movie of the performance and I hope to get a youtube version up in the near future. It was a lot of hard work, especially pulling the props together, so it was good to hear that the audience, including teachers, had greatly appreciated their effect. Fortunately The Wilderness Society had a grant to get professional costumes of animals made and these have also made their debute presenting the environmental argument to a new Bauxite  mining company intending to explore on the land held by the Irwine’s as a wildlife sanctuary.


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