Northern Storm season and Telecommunication dramas

Another week without internet connectivity. This time my two month old modem took a dive. Maybe lightning during the current storm season but noone here is owning up to disregarding the pending storm. The telecom guy, great bloke called Graham, turned up becasue there were also line faults. Graham had been sent up from Warwick, in South Qld, to help the northern techs with our storm season which has already overloaded them. Just to put that in perspective, Warwick is a town about 2,000 kilometres south but about 200km from Brisbane to take a flight to Cairns, and then 100 ks to Atherton.
It looks like a good storm season with some great storms and downpours already since the start of December. Everyone expects a strong cyclone season from the Pacific. With luck there will be cyclone driven rains with no hits on populated areas.
Anyhow, now with a new modem, hopefully I can catch up on my NGO work, and a clean slate for the new year.


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