On Divination

The practice of divination in some religious circles, recently came to my attention.  For the novice, divination is the practice of making decisions on a problem by conferring with a Holy Book, such that the questioner opens the book to any page and finds the solution to the problem from what is written there. Some suggest that such practice puts trust in God and God’s aid will direct the supplicant’s hand to open the book at the appropriate place. My own thought is that, if indeed the supplicants get a successful outcome from this method, it is for a more straighforward reason. Any Holy Book worth its salt, shall be a book that is replete with verses that, in general terms or by metaphor or analogy, provides direction to a great many of life’s issues. Therefore, regardless of the problem, opening the book on any page will provide guidance to the problem. Perhaps the emphasis will be different from one page to another, but nonetheless, direction. For example, take the first verse of the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah, ” O Son of Spirit, My first counsel is this, possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that  thine may be a sovereignty, ancient, imperishable and everlasting.” In this we find a solution to everything in life. What is a pure heart – one that doesn’t hold ulterior motives. What is a kindly heart – one that only wants to be kind to others, the world, the universe. What is a radiant heart – one that is a light, an attraction to others. So what problem in any human life cannot be addressed by that simple sentence?

I suggest you try it for yourself. Pick a religious book. Pick a problem in your life. Open the book. I am sure you will be able to complete the “voila”


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