On Being Visionary

While science cannot tell us whether there is a purpose in the existence of humans, it does tell us that humans have innate capacity and drive to project themselves into the future, to develop a vision of the future, a sense of where and how they will be in the future.
From this we can reason that purpose in human life is important to the successful function of a human being and must be provided the necessary respect. It is therefore quite important for the successful function of human society that we have extrapolated that sense of the future and our place in it, to include a sense of beginnings and our place in it, as well as our sense of a place in the future beyond the short physical life we have.
The argument about whether or not there is any evidence for a future beyond the immediate physical is dissonant to our very nature. To deny an overarching purpose in human existence is nihilistic as it enjoins people to the notion that, indeed, there is no necessary purpose to which they should be impressed.
Lack of a sense of purpose in life, a notion of something for which we are really living our life, leaves people in a malaise that worsens with the inescapable loss of physical and mental function as that short physical lifespan is consumed.
Rather, the human being who believes that every moment of their life is a preparation for a greater involvement in the life of humanity, even from beyond the grave, is a human being who is as purposeful in the latter years of their life, is intent on finding ways to move the next generations forward, of becoming a leaven to the world of humanity.


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