Ex Australian Ambassador to Israel on that Conflict

I recently told another blogger that I hadn’t heard a realistic strategic plan for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Peter Rogers, ex-Australian Ambassador, in an interview with Philip Adams on Radio National Late Night Live, has listed three conditions for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. The conditions? 1. The USA must create stick to stop and then repatriate Jewish settlements in Palestinian Territory (300,000 people); 2. Working with Egypt, Iran etc, to cut off the supply of arms to Hamas which means the USA dealing with Iran; 3. The USA must deal with Hamas. While putting the USA front and centre of the peace condition, Peter’s main argument is that the Arab nations, Iran, Israel, and the USA lack the political will or desire the political advantage that comes from not having peace. The basis for political advantage is different from one nation to another, and any country with a significant warring or terrorist faction, will be unable to find anything but political disadvantage in Israeli-Palestinian peace. How to make gains: Peter is not overly optomistic but hopes the Obama presidency will make the best of his watershed approval. His warning: every decade into the future brings a greater problem. The implied alternative was something terrible. Indeed, peace might come with a cold funereal breeze.


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