Farenheit 451 – The Hatred Discourse

In this article, Nadre Saidi illuminates the dark corners of our world, and provides the case for the development of a mature peaceful global society, by using the example of the institutional attacks on Baha’is by Iranian government agencies. Here are a couple of passages from his article, “Research by historians and sociologists like Ferguson has shown that genocide by hatred-centered regimes has been made possible by four conditions: The first is the decline of the empire, the occurrence of a regional political and military chaos, so that the despotic leaders can assume that no major military power is willing or able to interfere in the implementation of their campaign of repression and extermination. The second condition is the increase in interaction, communication, and understanding between the majority and minority groups in the society, which paradoxically leads to a heightened concern by the racist and fundamentalist regime that the purity of the ethnic or religious majority group is threatened and that the superior race or religion is being polluted by the emerging ethnic or religious harmony among the people. The third precondition is the widespread presence of economic difficulty and pressures in society. Yet the above three conditions need to be accompanied by a fourth factor to be able to facilitate the emergence of mass violence. This fourth factor refers to the monopolistic control of the mass media, educational institutions, and religious discourse by the entrepreneurs of death and hatred, who incite the masses to violence against an ethnic or religious minority, inflaming the cultural prejudices of the majority, and blaming the minority for all their social and economic problems. Surprisingly, before the occurrence of such mass killings the ethnic or religious hostility between the majority and minority has usually been improving. Yet with their exclusivist propaganda and racist rhetoric, the racist leaders succeed to turn many ordinary people into brutal murderers who compete with each other in the art of cannibalistic barbarism.

reactionaries have not advanced beyond the limits of particularistic logic, are still fixed in the animalistic and infantile moral and intellectual stage, and are incapable of transcending the oppressive limits of a self-infatuated and narcissistic identity, so that they can realize the reality and the rights of others, and recognize the equal rights of all people. (Piaget’s theory refers to the emergence of formal and universal logical thinking as the mark of cognitive development and maturity. Kant identifies the commitment to formal and universal standards of moral reasoning as the birth of reason and morality among humans, and Kohlberg refers to the application of universal and formal principles in moral judgment as the realization of moral development.) Medieval traditionalism is unable to think and feel in humane and humanizing ways. The world is a jungle for him and the only meaning of justice is brute force and the systematic destruction of that which is different.”


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