Bush Thick Kneed Curlew

Bush Thick kneed Curlew

Bush Thick kneed Curlew

I have been trying for a few months to get a recording of the Bush Kneed Curlew. If you live in North Queensland, you might think this is the most easy thing in the world because the curlew is endemic in urban and rural North Queensland. They keep quiet and camouflaged during the day and wander their territory at night making mournful to shrieking sounds.

I have been sleeping with my video cam but mostly, by the time the curlew wakes me and I get the camera ready, it has stopped and then travelled on. But this week, about 1 am one morning, I was able to get a reasonably good capture of a curlew quite close. I had to clean up the sound and was quite happy with the process using Audacity software. It is a bit tinny, but I think that reflects my lack of skill at manipulating audio files. Nonetheless, If you haven’t heard a curlew, you shouldn’t miss this. There is not many children in North Queensland who haven’t been ‘lullabied’ with a curlew.Curlew Crying


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