Ethics vs Religion

Strange to think that this would be raised, but in Berlin there is a political referendum being held to give people the choice to sit in either a State-based ethics curriculum or a religion-based curriculum. Currently the ethics course must be provided while a religious education is an optional. Some argue that the ethics course is about regimenting minds. Others argue that parents will be forced to choose one or the other.

So a conundrum exists in Berlin. Well, maybe a little problem that needs to be solved but that some ideologues don’t dare solve for fear they will loose their place in the world. Religion must teach ethics for their cirriculum to be called religious. Ethics can hardly be taught without reference to the nature of resolving prejudice between religions, between religious people and non-religious people etc. How does a child understand what this is all about unless they are taught about religion. If they are taught about religion by teachers who are prejudiced agaisnt religion, how can that be a lesson on ethics?

The answer here lies in religious supporters becoming more truely religious and secular ethicisits become more truly ethical.


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