How does a civilisation die?

While we often look at the Iranian situation as just another in a long line of dictatorships that have beset various nations around the world, perhaps, across the middle east we are looking at the dying throes of a once great civilisation.

Farang Farahi is a reknowned journalist. When Farhang Farahi asked the question why, among 70-80 structures selected in the UNESCO organised ‘Wonders of the World, there were no Persian selections, he found the answer in  the fact that the Islamic government over the past thirty years, with policies based on hatred and revenge, has distanced itself farther and farther from the rest of the world. In particular:

  • the ideologies of the Iranian government based on prejudice and enmity, has instigated the Islamic militia to confront the Iranian nation;
  • the Islamic regime has negated and considered worthless any signs of achievement, wealth of history, culture and civilization of Iran;
  • the Islamic Republic, by disrespecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by disregarding personal and social freedoms, by being heedless to the world’s objections, imprisons, tortures, and executes group after group of free thinkers;
  • the Islamic Government by creating insecurity and limiting healthy activities, not only oppresses those who think differently, but also those who have different belief systems;
  • the followers of various religions are, by the direct order of the Islamic regime, imprisoned and tortured.
  • with its Fatwa (religious ruling), the clergy incites the sentiments of the mob to attack, terrorize and even kill those with different beliefs and views.

He goes on to describe the persecutions of the Baha’is over the past 165 years, especially under the Islamic regime, and acknowledges that, “I too, as a responsible reporter, am dumbfounded and ashamed of the merciless and vicious attacks on the 300,000 member Baha’i community of Iran.”

Yet, what it seems that Farang Farashi’s list of ‘symptoms’ describes, is the failure of the human spirit to fly to heights. All then, that is left is for the human life to fall into a morass of selfish desires, at which end only death awaits. In this state, as the spirit itself dies, there can hardly be an eternal life for that relies on a spirit that has been infused with life. There will hardly be a legacy for the children of the Earth, as that requires that the human spirit throws itself selflessly into the service of all others, and by so doing raising great achievements unto itself.


2 thoughts on “How does a civilisation die?

    • Hi Kelly, thanks. Yes, please visit anytime. All difficult questions and comments also welcome, although all I can promise is that I try to look at the patterns that life presents, in the framework of Baha’u’llah’s teachings, and come up with some view that I hope has some value for others.

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