Why I am a conservationist

Now that a new shopping centre stands in place of my local town’s iconic structure, a maize silos, it gives me pause to reflect of the idea of conservation as against preservation. I am not a preservationist. To preserve something is only to, eventually, have it in a mummified form.  Human life is functional and dynamic. It changes and forces change. To preserve is almost impossible for the human society because that would almost mean shutting down the shuttle of our minds. Yet we can preserve. Conservation, on the other hand,  means ensuring that our endeavours are not destroying ourselves by destroying esssential environments, natural or built. Unfortunately the fight for conservation in regard to the miaze silos was lost. Not the end of the world by far, but a reflection of our poorly we are doing the work to prevent us destroying ourselves. Perhaps in this case, we might be able to find ways to build vital culture around the shopping centre. In other cases, especially of nature,  destruction can be harmful across the countless generations into the future. That’s why I am a conservationist.

Atherton Maize Silos, North Queensland, Australia

Atherton Maize Silos, North Queensland, Australia


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