Leave people in a better state then you found them

The confluences of one’s life: the place of birth, the parents, the personality and temperament, the siblings, the time, the culture, the education, will dictate the extent to which we can derive stronger more fulfilling relationships in life. In short some of us are born to be lonely.
However, the basic drives are toward the social relationship. To the extent we can strengthen and direct those drives with enhanced emotional management and communication will determine the strength of our relationships and the lessening of our loneliness. Much of the enhanced capacity comes from the nurturing and social education we receive as babies and children. Once a young adult, even 15 years old, the work to strengthen capacity is all up hill.
So, in the effort to build relationships, the person born lonely may find that, along the way some of these relationships will break. In the big scheme of things, it is not so much that some relationships may break but that the effort has lead to a reconstruction in the minds and capacity for relationship of the next generation.
We will all struggle with our own limited abilities in the building of relationships but it is worthwhile keeping in mind that, regardless how poor we might be in building strong relationships, we can all strive to leave people around us in some way, in a better state than we found them. If we can look around us and say of the people we have been in some social transaction, that they left in a better state then when we met, then we have truly achieved something in our life.


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