What is the Purpose of Creation

In the spirit of brevity, the following is my concise interpretation of the teachings of Baha’u’llah.

The unknowable essence we call God, that stands beyond the boundary conditions of existence, creates primary conditions that we can describe as Names of God.

Foremost among these is the condition of love. “I loved my creation therefore I created thee..”

The fundamental purpose of existence is to raise love.

The name of God, ‘Love’, is the power of attraction that exists at the heart of all ordered things.

Existence is a set of conditions that supports the unfoldment of love.

In the existence of the human being, love is supported by the capacity to know God, to know about this fundamental reality of Love.

However within existence all attraction is realised by ‘quid pro quo’, give and take.

Give and take is supported by our emotional nature. It provides the motivation to seek out food, water, air, shelter, mating, and even raising the young.

The knowledge of God means that we can project that emotional quality as attraction for, love of, God. The only way we can believe we love God is by being able to project some feeling of attraction which is at the basis of every romantic love.

Yet knowledge of God also means that there is something entirely inadequate in projecting the emotional connections of Love onto an entity that is all give and no take.

Loving God means that we must strive to move into some higher order mental territory which is anchored by the emotional dilation of the heart, but moves to a more giving, less taking attitude.

Giving without taking is the definition of sacrifice.

However we can give nothing to the source of Creation.

We can only give within the realm of existence. To other companions.

Sacrifice therefore means service to humanity.

Love dictates that service is an attraction of the hearts of humans, a unity of all humanity.

Unity of humanity is an enormous social change.

It requires maintaining attraction while mellowing the emotional responses to each other.

It requires seeking an attitude and act of selfless giving.

The primary gift to other companions is the Word of God from the Manifestations, from Baha’u’llah. The words of the teachings of Baha’u’llah are the source of higher order love, of true sacrifice and service, of unity.


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