Let’s Abolish Prisons

I’ve decided to include the abolition of prisons on my list of missions to achieve before I die.This is my starting point.

What a strange idea is the thing of prison.

We take a human being who was born to excel, to roam the byways of life, and, if his mind becomes imprisoned of itself so he becomes uncaring of himself and others, we put him within heavy tight walls to ensure the body experiences what the mind already does.

Of course often around the world the beautiful person intent on adventuring across the byways of life to do great deeds of service, are also imprisoned, as if their very freedom is an affront to those whose minds have become imprisoned.

In prison, the person with a free mind can become even freer; the person with the imprisoned mind becomes more imprisoned.

For we who are weak and vulnerable, the idea of prison is as bad as the idea of war, a place that would destroy what delicate beauty we have striven to attain.


One thought on “Let’s Abolish Prisons

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