Brain Change or How to read science

This article about neurological research might give the unwary reader the impression that juggling will increase your intelligence in various ways. However, all the research is showing is that, if you learn a new skill, you will have learnt a new skill. The brain changes are commensurate with that skill learning.  That doesn’t mean juggling is not important but it isn’t clear why the researchers are lauding the changes that are already well-known, so much.

The recent book, “The Brain that Changes itself” is a much more vital read on the subject of neuroplasticity and that all types of skill can be learnt, including those related to management of emotional and perceptual aspects often associated with mental health disorders. And even that even a person with, literally’ half a brain’, can learn to a reasonabley advanced level.

So my advice, learn the variety of skills that are useful to various aspects of your real life: reading, writing, speaking, loving, dancing, designing houses or gardens, and keep advancing that learning across the board for your whol;e life. Change your skills as your life changes. The weak stuff is the stuff to concentrate on, and spend the time to practice, practice, practice. Well, the most difficult thing is to find a good coach to show you what you need to practice in the first place.


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