Flames beget flames

Imagine my surprise when I went to read details of an arson attack on the Baha’i Centre of Orlando, to find that there are a few angry people out there looking for any chance to have a dust up over religion. So, even though the Baha’is were taking the attack in stride, the online newspaper received angry responses to the news from people with a grudge against Christians who wanted to point the finger or perhaps just get some other stuff off their chest.

Arson is an extremely dangerous attack and has left behind many victims with physical and mental damage, even dead. The last Australian bushfires were an example of how destructive arson can be. Arsonists are more than a little mentally ill. They are among the most dangerous people to society. More dangerous than a gangland hitman or a man with a homicidal nature. Arsonists are one type of criminal who needs strong incarceration and therapy as it is almost impossible to keep such a person in society and away from the motivation for and the tools of destruction.

Arson is so critical, that to denounce someone or some group as an arsonist, is something that must not be done with ambivalence or bravado. Arson must be investigated until the arsonist be separated from the world, and the world is safe. Frivolous responses to arson prohibits a real awareness of the community to be alert for those activities in another that might provide a clue to the true arsonist.

Hold your heart in one hand, and your tongue with the other.


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