Partisan Politics proves again to be a Dead Ant

The Australian ETS legislation which is deplored by both environmental and conservative elements in Australia, is being used as a battering ram by the incumbent government against the opposition.The legislation itself is not expected to assist in the reduction of anthropogenic CO2 or the environment in general. The strategy of the incumbents is to try to destroy the opposition so that they will have little chance of winning elections for a few terms into the future.

Well, perhaps the government will improve environmental legislation when they have totally destroyed the opposition. Or perhaps by then it will just be a big mess.

We are reaching very improtant crossroads in global human society. If we cannot create conditions for communities to ameliorate and  withstand climate change, then we are allowing the future of humantiy to be very strained indeed.  Party politics will die on the day that they let the world die. Worse case is that democracy dies with the parties and we end up in regional totalitarian conflicts. Best case is that a weary democracy tries to build up wasted communities around the world. But partisan politics do not look close to solving the crucial issues facing us this century, are as useful as the black in the eye of a dead ant.



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