Owning a barking dog may make you a torturer

Dog(s) barking night and day at every person exercising in the street, every possum roaming through the night, every whispering noise from across the suburb, is likely to cause an unhealthy level of sleep deprivation and noise sensitization in one or more of the nearby residents. Sleep deprivation in particular will create anxiety attacks and dysfunctional thinking. Noise sensitization will similarly cause adrenaline responses in the hearer, comonly known as fight or flight mechanisms. These problems are caused by: the alarm bearing of the bark to the human ear; and the lack of control over the barking by the non-owner. They are exaggerated by the frequency but randomness of the alarm events which ‘preps’ the hearer.
Sleep deprivation, forcing adrenaline responses that can’t be acted upon, and removing control from a person are all tools of trade of torturers.
Dog owners sometimes defend themselves that dogs warn off burglar. In otherwords, to save a few chattles, they would rather torture their neighbour, stealing their health and life. This is immoral in the extreme, and there are alternative burglar deterents that don’t effect the neighbours regularly
Others defend themselves saying, ‘a pet is good for the owners health’. Well it may be. But if you are improving your health by robbing another of theirs, where is the justice in that? Surely, it be better that you sacrifice a few years to the greater good. You might find that improved relations with your neighbours acts equally as a health benefit, as a dog.
Dog owners often don’t know much about dogs. They are not dog-lovers. They are consumers of ‘lovely’ feelings that the pet induces. It is that emotional zing that dog owners so selfishly want. They neither train their animal, nor consider their animals real needs. They teach them to play and bark, and keep them mercilessly frustrated.
Add to this the regularity of dog bites and worse, and the reality that no-one in the suburbs needs a dog for anything that doesn’t have an alternative. A barking dog is a tool of torture. Are you a torturer? Perhaps it is time society just grew up, dismissed the idea of pets from our egotistical mindsets, and got rid of  dogs out of suburbs.

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