Africans walk out on their children again.

Having become a fan of Dambisa Moyo’s work, I am viewing the walk out of African nations from Copenhagen as the petulance of spoilt children rather than a serious reflection on the dialogue that representative are there for. Rather than developed countries ‘aiding’ African nations to build green economies, African nations should only be provided support to the extent that they are able to develop accountable governance.  As Moyo asserts, the reason why a country like Australia has better services than a country in Africa, is less about the inherent resources in those nations and more about the failure of a government to be mandated by its citizens on the basis of a set of policies. In democracy, the better the democracy, the more likely a government will fall when they fail to solve the problems of the people of the day.  In an externally supported totalitarian or even quasi-democratic society,  the people have no power because their leaders are not accountable at all. Leaders get wealthy off foreign aid, and if the services aren’t provided, it is the fault of foreigners. African leaders are rorting their countries and ours. I suspect some foreign powers are quite happy to keep African nations poor and weak and dying by feeding their leaders aid, making them policy dullards and tyrannical against the citizens they should be leading to a more progressive state.  So if developed countries start talking about paying Africa to green up, we can believe that Africans will be far worse off in twenty years, and further in debt to the developed countries than if they decided to take over self management today. It is time to stop feeling sorry for Africa and start jeering their pretense to nationhood. And continue jeering until the people get feedup with their systems of non-governance and start demanding proper leaders among them, take the reins.

The African representatives who walked out of Copenhagen talks have walked out on their own children, and they seem to have a habit of doing this.


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