The shaking hand

of the frightened Iranian leadership, finally, after nearly two years of incarceration, signs off on a date for the trial of seven Iranian leaders of the Baha’i Faith who were arrested for assisting the Baha’i community to continue their committment to the service of humanity and, specifically, to Iran. The current authorities of Iran are determined to cut off their nose to spite their face by incarcerating true servants; expelling students who have been raised to learn, to serve; defiling graves of people who have already put in a lifetime of service to the country. Is this the society that any religious person would want to impose on another? Is this a society that anyone would want to live in? Do the perpetrators of such injustice really believe God will usher them into heaven on the basis of their injustice? I suspect that, such is the darkness of the hearts of the perpetrators of this and other injustices in Iran, that they do not believe in God at all, but are wolves in lambs clothing, with only one purpose in life, to dominate others, and to enrich themselves with the hard work of others. Theirs is a purpose that belongs to the world. The main chagrin of these authorities with Baha’is: that Baha’is live for a purpose that belongs in all the worlds of God, and that is something the pettiness of the power-hungry and greedy can never obtain. And so that leadership will continue to be frightened, confounded, confused. They might boisterously rant, as if their noise will chase away the voice of God, but they are known for what they are. They turn their back on God, and they are left to themselve, left alone. And this is their punishment for now and eternity, that they shall be alone. God willing they shall be allowed to atone for their crimes against humanity, while they still move upon this Earth.


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