Mango, parrot, bat, rabbit, car crash

I planted a seedling Bowen Mango nearly 20 years ago. It grew slowly as seedlings tend to, and never put on more than a couple of magoes until this year. This year it had a flourish of flower that have provided a feast for flying foxes, parrots, bush turkeys (when the half eaten ones fall to the ground) . My dearest bagged a few branches to ensure they mangoes rippened without been eaten first and we have managed to eat a couple ourselves, this week. Quite a nice flavour.

A hole appeared near a small grevillea I planted a few months ago. I filled it in but it appeared again yesterday. This time the culprit, a rabbit, was almost caught in the act. I wonder whether a burrow is being prepared. I have filled it in.

A cyclone named Olga, is coming this way. It has been raining heavily, steadily for a couple of days. The local Baha’i assembly had organised an inter-faith event for World Religion day, this afternoon. It was decided to postpone it while the rain made driving difficult and people may not turn up as the cyclone crosses the coast.

This morning my son, being out at a friend’s place in the countryside, rang to say he crashed the car through a farm fence last night. No one was hurt but he spent the night at the friend’s place. I arrived on the scene as a policecar pulled up, having been alerted by the farmer. The airbag had inflated. The front panelling is quite destroyed. The radiator has a buckle in it. Yet it drives so hopefully the chassis is okay. An hour in the rain with tow truck driver and farmer getting the car out, fixing the fence. Five minutes of chastisement for my son and a smattering of ongoing ‘debriefing’ for the past few hours.

Back at home, two parrots strolled around the fallen mangoes on our lawn, allowing me to get quite close and take some photos before their discomfort overwhelmed their captivation with the fruit. This is the wet season of January 2010.


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