Australian’s are s.. scared of the future.

Dr Rebecca Huntley research director for the social research firm IPSOS Mackay was interviewed by Antony Funnell of the ABC on IPSOS Australian survey called ‘The Future’.

Dr Huntley reported that Australians think we’re going to be a society with less in the future, less everything, less space to build houses, less water, less energy, and so forth. We’re going to be a society with greater mental problems, a fascist society, a She said, “This it wasn’t so much a reflection of how people really think the future might be, it was more an amplification of current anxieties and more importantly, a lack of confidence in leaders, leaders in our community, both in corporate Australia but also in public life, talking to us about how the future might be. So there’s very much a sense of , ‘Well, there’re problems in society that we have now, we don’t feel that anybody is addressing them correctly, therefore I only assume they’re going to get worse in the future. Our team kind of summarised this mentality as ‘I’ll be right, but youse are screwed’. And it didn’t make much sense.

The themes drawn from the survey were:

  1. indicated by the clients that we have, like what’s on their radar, what are they really concerned about.
  2. from listening to the people in groups, what are some of the things percolating underneath the surface, the small issues that constantly come up,

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