Georgia Lee

It was just fabulous to hear this week, the ABC radio program on that wonderful woman,  Georgia Lee . I have only known Georgia since the mid 1980’s after she had retired from her singing career and moved back to Cairns. Of course her given name is Dulcie Pitt, but we all knew her as Georgia. An impressively built woman, with a  deeply timbred voice, I heard Georgia sing once or twice, but soon after she refused to sing. It is difficult to see the woman I know in many of her early photos, but a couple hold the expression she has today.

Georgia would tell us she toured Europe with Nat King Cole. “Oh, yes, darling”, she would say in a voice that seemed to wrap you up, “it was marvellous.” She calls everyone “darling”, and often begins addressing with a regal, “Oh”.  I have often wondered about how this woman made it from Cairns to the International stage, and, while the program doesn’t describe the process, it does suggest a group of sisters whose expectations were raised by WWII, to follow dreams they might not otherwise have been exposed.


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