God Does Not Exist.

Others have recently reminded me the following. “Existence,” in German, is “Dasein” – to be there (da). If it is there, it is not elsewhere. “It” is conterminous with something.So, we can falsify an assertion about existence if we can prove that the thing isn’t “there” after all, but we don’t normally conceive of a creator being conterminous (having same boundaries) with his creation anyway. So to refuse to be limited by the question “does God exist?” isn’t just playing with words.
It is often considered that this “Not Existing” is a negative value. Yet that is not the case. If something has not been created by God, then, yes we can say it does not exist. But that would be a discussion with no object within it, as anything that can be imagined, or labelled, does exist, albeit if a construct of human imagination. And it should not be construed that a construct of human imagination does not exist, for there is no construct that does not or will not exist. However, if something can be said not to be in space, not to have ‘whereness’ then that thing can be said not to exist. So we are left with the concept of God that is, of a positive attribution of non-existence, a thing without ‘whereness’. So, as my poem here which I wrote many years ago, and I have more recently added to a Blurb published anthology, “The Dream and the Search”, GOD IS (but is) NOWHERE.

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