Philosophical Friday – Critters

Displays on Asian Bees and Weed pests from DEEDI (Qld Department of Employment, Economic Development & Innovation), Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Friends of Animals, Tolga Bat Hospital, and ‘Cape York Critter Capers’ from The Wilderness Society, were the core of Philosophical Friday on May 7th, in Atherton, Qld, Australia.

Cape York Critter Capers

While people in the street stopped at the displays, ‘Cape York Critters’ roamed the streets and performed a short skit about saving the wilderness for them.

Under the banner, No one can live without Wilderness, one of the actors said the most perturbing aspect was that very few of the people in the street were unperturbed by the appearance of a human sized Quoll, crocodile, and Golden-Shouldered Parrot (a very pregnant one at that). Not even any outright laughter. Mind you there were plenty of car horns going off. And an occasionally shocked person who didn’t even see the critters coming until they were right in front of them. A child did run off to Mum, frightened by the crocodile, while another child came to take his photo with the crocodile art – just a question of whether you are 4 or 6 years old.

Well, Atherton still seems to need warming up on a warm Friday afternoon.


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