Our problem is, we didn’t fail enough.

“Today is the parent of tomorrow. Don’t delay taking the risk until conditions are ideal. Take the risks today that you would like to live tomorrow eg experiences, adventures, creations.” These are the philosopher of Bruce Mau, designer, says design is about trying new things and that has a risk attached to it. “Negotiate a relationship with failure”, says Bruce, “bringing it in close, not keeping it at a distance.” ” This is a diverse practice with multiple realities at the same time. For a team this means capturing a collective voice. In his book, “Glimmer‘ (pub Penguin) Bruce states design is boundless. “We have the capacity to shape the world in ways previously inaccessible, both in negative and positive ways. Methods double every 12 month. We are facing the great challenges of success, if we failed more often we would have fewer troubles. The way we feel changes our capacity to deal with problems and a designer needs the capacity to be optimistic.”

Hearing Bruce’ interview on ABC Radio National yesterday created that serendipitous feeling as team PhoenX works on our new project, Out of the Box Theatre, using Risk as the first theme we are tackling.


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