Hurray for the Hung Parliament!

A while ago, I suggested that, worse than 20th century wars, will be the economic crisis of the 21st Century. Today’s ABC podcasted presentation of Professor Niall Ferguson, on ‘Big Ideas’, still managed to chill me to the bone. It is noted that Australia hasn’t had a hung parliament since WWII. After listening to Ferguson, it occurred to me that, we have indeed, since the beginning of the GFC, been at war, war with the economic system, WWIII, the biggest collapse of national equity and human sacrifice, across the world, ever seen.

So, why I am enthusiastic about the disastrous mismanagement of politics by that, at least mildly delusional group of people who support political parties, and those king capitalist goof balls who don’t give two hoots about the state of nations. I am enthusiastic because their antics, exposed as they are to the community at large, may create a series of slow reforms in democratic governance in Australia over the course of the next 40 years, that might mediate the effects of the empire collapse following hard the heels of the USA, Europe, and China. I hope the irritation that Australians feel about the pluralist, partisan system will establish new modes of governance that can absorb the shock waves of the collapse of the great empires.

As my children are now reaching adulthood and have to traverse the potential great crises of this century, I pray that these great empires find a cause celebre to change their course in fundamental ways. There is no doubt we need new governance systems and methods throughout the world, if we are to be a successful global society in the 22nd century AD. I fear for the lives my children and grandchildren will have to live, because delinquent capitalists and titillated party operatives cannot subvert their ego for the greater good.


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