Constitutional Party of Iran condemns sentences given seven leaders of Baha’i Faith

and believe they have learnt two important lessons from the Baha’i Faith.

1. The first lesson is an unrelenting steadfastness under the harshest of pressures. Baha’i homes have been set on fire, businesses have been shut down, possessions have been stolen, people have been thrown out of work and universities, they have been condemned to being executed or to face long term imprisonment, but they do not flinch, moan or give up. They do not speak of being broken or useless.

2. The second lesson, equally important, is gathering together meager individual energies and turning them into a powerful social network. The Baha’is’ defensive strategies during the Islamic Republic will be recorded in the exalted pages of Iranian history. When university doors were closed to Baha’i students, Baha’is took the university to their homes. Distinguished Baha’is provided free lessons to small groups of students in homes so that they could be admitted to reputable universities in Europe and America.

While the west argue, from their couches, the varied virtues of faith, these lessons are the signs of the future of religion and the robustness necessary to create a global society.


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