We have hit Peak Oil

National Geographic reports the International Energy Agency has quietly reported that the world is past it peak of oil production. Oil prices will now continue to increase dramatically. All sorts of renewable energies will now begin to become more competitive. Governments continue to be virtually useless on the renewables, climate change, and general pollution issue. Is the lack of ethical fortitude just among our politicians or are they really just a reflection of a ‘dog-in-the-manger’ attitude among the generality of humanity? What do politicians think they are arguing over? The world can move forward confidently on the leadership towards a new energy environment. A better world is worth the small crises that the transition might make. Passing the peak oil, and dare I say it, passing the peak phosphorous, situation has made the world an incredibly precarious place to live. Everyone’s trade is now on a knife’s edge. Better to move forward than wait until those downturns have the whole world in heightened conflict.


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