Family photo Graduation night

Family gathers to leave for graduation social

My older sons (twins) complete their university degree as my youngest son, Reuben, completes Highschool.

Usually the graduates prepare an elaborate, sometimes silly, method of transport for entrance to the graduation venue. Just after this photo was taken the heavens opened for a half hour monsoonal drenching, and all open forms of transport were canceled.

Apart from that disappointment, the evening was a happy night of wishing the students goodbye, and meeting other parents who we are friends or acquaintences. A salubrious affair.

I noted in the graduation list, some 13 Aboriginal students who completed their senior certificate this year, including one lass from one of the Cape York communities, and I think this is something of a record. Certainly something else this fine rural highschool (among the top performing Public High Schools in the State) can be proud.




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